15-18 Years

Rite of Christian Initiation of Young People (rCIyp)15 – 18 Years

Resources for the 15-18 age group are all Come and See Materials created in the Archdiocese of Perth. 

Materials for stages include comprehensive Catechist notes and a range of supplementary resources. The Framework also identifies alternative sources from which suitable materials can also be drawn.

For each of the 15-18 Come and See Inquiry Steps a PowerPoint is available for catechist use along with resource sheets and participant handouts.

Introduction & Framework

Outlining the philosophy and rationale of Come and See along with key principles for working with young people the Introduction and Framework is the starting point for Catechists who wish to explore the resource or sample some of the materials. The Introductory information is common across three age groups.

The framework outline, which details the scope and sequence of the Come and See content, is specific to each age group. Colour coding helps to differentiate the four stages of the rCIyp journey both within the Framework and the Catechist Materials.

Support Materials

The Support Materials contain details of the various resources from which inspiration has been drawn in creating Come and See.  Some are also mentioned in the Framework as alternatives to explore