The Catechumenate

The catechumenate is an extended period during which the candidates are given suitable pastoral formation and guidance, aimed at training them in the Christian life. In this way, the dispositions manifested at their acceptance into the catechumenate are brought to maturity. #75 Rite of Christian Initiation.

“The duration of the catechumenate will depend on the grace of God and on various circumstances …” “By means of sacred rites celebrated at successive times they are led into the life of faith, worship, and charity belonging to the people of God.” [RCIA # 76]

The Archdiocese of Perth recommends three forms of catechesis are offered over the catechumenate that is: Lectionary, Liturgy and Instructional catechesis.

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2020 Plenary Council RCIA Catechumenate PDF [Download]

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