Thinking of Becoming Catholic?

Are you thinking of becoming Catholic? You are not alone. Each year adults from all walks of life enquire about the Catholic faith.

Come and see what the Catholics believe, how they worship and how they live out their faith in daily life.

You are welcome to come and listen and to bring your questions as you explore the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church through the story of Jesus, and his followers.

It is important to know that there is no pressure or obligation on those enquiring, but only a respectful relationship that allows each person the freedom to just to come and see and experience in light of your own spiritual journey. There is never any pressure to continue at any point of the process. It is a time of prayer, sharing and reflection. It offers the opportunity to explore questions and concerns. Sessions are designed to provide accurate information with no strings attached so that myths and misconceptions can be laid to rest.

This encounter is not an instantaneous thing. It is a progressive entry into a relationship and commitment to both God through Jesus Christ. Faith grows and matures over a period of time.

Christ initiates the invitation to ‘come and see’. Your response involves you exploring this personal invite to deepen your spirituality in, with and through Jesus.